Liverpool 5G Project

Liverpool is not only a creative and innovative city, it is also an amazing place to live and work. Whilst there is good mobile coverage to support many of the requirements of homeowners and businesses, there is a real need from local authorities to improve connectivity within the region when delivering health and social care services within the community. With age-related illnesses on the increase, significant medication wastage costs, staffing issues and the huge cost implications of moving people out of the social care system into the NHS, the benefits of helping people to live independently at home and improving their overall wellbeing have become a necessity.

However, providing efficient and safe care in the community for the older generation and transient young people alike requires innovative service products, technology and reliable connectivity – a dedicated, alternative network where bandwidth is unconstrained for public services and available to everyone, regardless of address. A network that supports the specific needs of health and social care service providers for example providing notifications proactively when maintenance and problems occur in order to keep healthcare services running efficiently – something that doesn’t exist currently within the city. 

At Telet, we are proud to be part of an innovative consortium of organisations (Liverpool 5G Create) who have come together to build a private, high bandwidth 5G SA network supporting innovative applications in selected areas of the City.

The project began in September 2020 and is funded by the DCMS (Department for Digital Media and Sport) and is deploying private 5G networks to deliver improved well-being through affordable connectivity for remote health and social care and education, improve future resilience and reduce inequalities that arise from lack of affordable access. The new, independent network, has built on the previous 5G health and social care test bed in Kensington, Liverpool to integrate and deploy 5G small cells operated by the project to create 5G wireless networks for consumers and service providers.

To date, we have integrated a 5G small cell network and roaming technologies to help support a variety of medical apps and devices including remote GP triaging, video consultations, remote monitoring systems for pharmacists, wound care, an anxiety reduction app and more.

Part of a longstanding initiative in the region, this project is scheduled to complete in March 2022 with care-providers and neighbouring local authorities hungry to exploit its outcomes in their day-to-day work.

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