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Our one mission is to eliminate "not-spots" and bring digital services to rural communities.

Why TeletResearch

Mobile Service

TeletResearch network is based on 4G architecture.

Latest Technology

By utilising the latest technology TeletResearch can deliver mobile and broadband services meeting the needs of today and tomorrow.


TeletResearch will deliver fast broadband service to rural communities

Serving your friends and customers

TeletResearch provide a Multi-Operator Neutral Host (MONeH) service available to users from other partner networks. This means when a visitor to the area lose coverage from their provider their device can attach to the TeletResearch network enabling access to voice, SMS and data services.

TeletResearch are developing solutions to address the digital divide where rural communities suffer from poor/no mobile coverage and no/slow broadband services. The innovative solutions offered by TeletResearch are built on 4G architecture and operate on a Multi Operator Neutral Host (MONeH) basis.
James Body of Truphone on stage at eComm2008.
James Body

"Great app for designing interfaces like never before."

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