Our Network

Telet runs a modern mobile network infrastructure using well known carrier grade components, combining vendors such as Summa Networks, Polaris, Attocore and Kamailio.

We run a hybrid public cloud architecture, with our core network infrastructure in London’s Telehouse North data centre.

We are deploying our radio access network in the Chalke Valley (Salisbury), Bath, Buckingham, North Yorkshire and other locations as our clients require.

Multi Operator Neutral Host

Multi Operator Neutral Host (MONeH) is a principle of open access. Where agreements exist, users from another network without coverage in the area can attach to the Telet Research Network and utilise their home service via the TeletResearch network.

By attaching to the Telet Research network using 4G connectivity users can authenticate automatically with their own supplier and use voice, data and SMS services provided within the terms of their subscription plan.

Similarly, Telet Research users are  able to connect to partner networks when outside of Telet Research coverage and enjoy the benefits of their Telet Research service.

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