What We Do

Telet is a new breed of UK Mobile Network Operator.
A full operator member of the GSMA, we run a 4G and 5G mobile network, focused on improving mobile coverage in rural “Not Spots”.

Our Multi-Operator Neutral Host (MONeH) technology allows our single network to provide service to customers of any mobile operator and can be rapidly deployed into your local not spot to improve coverage, or along side your private 4G/5G network to enable your subscribers to “roam” from private to public.

Telet is currently deploying in the Chalke Valley (Salisbury) and North Yorkshire.

When you travel abroad, your mobile phone will connect to a local network and “roam”, allowing you to continue receiving your normal mobile service. 

Our Multi Operator Neutral Host product allows communities and enterprises to deliver this same experience in places where there is no alternative mobile network signal. 

For rural communities the traditional deployment of a “Big Tower” is:

Expensive to deploy in rural locations & there is often insufficient traffic to justify the investment. 

Of concern for local residents, due to visual & planning concerns.

Multi Operator Neutral Host provides “local roaming” for the “last 5%” of Not Spots via a cost effective and sensitive deployment of small cells that support improved service for all operators.

We can deploy a range of radios from indoor “femtocells” to outdoor “small” or “pico” and larger “macro” cells. 

Private 5G Networks

We can deliver:

SIM Over The Air Management, including a SIM that will connect to both your private and our public network.

Mobile numbering & interconnect for phone calls and text messaging.

Private APN services and VPN services to secure your data.

Telet runs a 5G mobile network core in Standalone and Non-Standalone modes and we can support your business to move beyond wifi and benefit from the reliability, speed and low latency that a private 5G network can bring.

Industrial operations

Farming and rural communities, etc. Including providing connectivity for self driving farm machinery, workers and supporting businesses, such as business parks, campsites, cafes etc. 

Mining - Improving poor signal underground & in open mines

Construction - Temporary coverage to support the development of roadways, buildings, etc. 

Field service - e.g. a service engineer can join accredited 3rd party networks as they move between shops, hospitals & business premises - whilst maintaining their own secure corporate identity.

Spectrum Management

UK Mobile telephony uses dedicated spectrum licences and Telet is expert in working with the OFCOM Local and Shared access regimes, to apply for spectrum allocations. We take a structured approach to working with the other 4 UK Mobile Operators and the OFCOM spectrum team and offer a fully managed spectrum application and planning service.

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