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What We Do

For mobile network operators, the challenge of providing cellular service in rural ‘not-spots’ where there is little or no coverage, has proved to be very difficult. Conventional solutions, such as 30m high macrocell masts, do not necessarily provide the required service in undulating landscapes, and are not always visually acceptable for local environments, whilst being hugely expensive on a per household basis.

 Telet Research have developed an approach that dramatically reduces the cost per household of providing the service whilst providing fast data connections across three different services simultaneously: 4G mobile, WiFi broadband, and Internet of Things narrowband (IoT-NB).

 Some of the innovations required to achieve this include:
  • deploying a Multi Operator Neutral Host (MONeH) network that allows all other mobile operators’ customers to roam onto the MONeH network, and Telet Research customers to roam onto other networks.
  • a mesh of low power Software Defined Radio (SDR) small cells mounted on customers’ houses to offer mobile, broadband and IoT services on a common infrastructure.
  • a range of high speed backhaul links connecting the small cells back into the internet.
  • an Evolved Packet Core (EPC) embedded with the Radio Access Network, interacting with a backend network core hosted on a generic cloud service.