Private 5G Networks

Private 5G Networks

Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and other smart technologies have become a fundamental part of daily business for many organisations and service providers saving them both time and money.

Despite Wi-Fi being available in many locations, weaknesses such as interference, unreliability, security or range issues still occur – exasperating service uses.

What We Do

At Telet, we run a 5G mobile network core in Standalone and Non-Standalone modes and can support your business to move beyond Wi-Fi and benefit from the reliability, speed and low latency that a private 5G network can bring.

Our private 5G network can assist in a wide range of settings including:

Health and Social Care – enabling medical devices that provide critical data that assist health practitioners to perform their jobs.
Farming and rural communities - providing connectivity for self-driving farm machinery, workers and supporting businesses e.g. business parks, campsites, cafes etc.
Mining - improving poor signal underground and in open mines
Construction - temporary coverage to support the development of roadways, buildings, etc.
Field service - e.g. a service engineer can join accredited 3rd party networks as they move between shops, hospitals & business premises - whilst maintaining their own secure corporate identity.
We can deliver:
SIM Over The Air Management - a SIM that will connect to both your private and our public network.
Mobile numbering & interconnect - for phone calls and text messaging.
Private APN services and VPN services - to secure your data.


Our team is spread across the UK, in the Chalke Valley, the South West and London.

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