Rural Coverage & MONeH

Rural Coverage & MONeH

When you travel abroad, your mobile phone will connect to a local network and “roam” allowing you to receive your normal mobile service.

In the UK, there are a significant amount of rural communities (and random locations) where wireless internet is not available – “not spots” – leaving customers and businesses frustrated.

Unfortunately due to location, the traditional deployment of a “Big Tower” is:

expensive to deploy (there is often insufficient traffic to justify the investment).
of concern for local residents, due to visual and planning concerns.

At Telet, we understand the importance of having good mobile coverage and  have the technical expertise and infrastructure to deliver it, to any address, precisely and cost effectively.

Our Multi-Operator Neutral Host (MONeH) technology allows our single network to provide mobile coverage to customers of any mobile operator and can be rapidly deployed into local “not spots” to improve coverage OR it can work alongside an existing private 4G/5G network to enable subscribers to “roam” from private to public.

MONeH provides “local roaming” for the “last 5%” of not spots via a cost effective and sensitive deployment of small cells that support improved service for all operators i.e. we can deploy a range of radios from indoor “femtocells” to outdoor “small” or “pico” and larger “macro” cells capable of delivering broadband-like speeds.

Call today to find out more – we are currently deploying MONeH in the Chalke Valley (Salisbury), Buckinghamshire, South Wales and North Yorkshire. 


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