5G Fixed Wireless Access

As a rural ISP (Internet Service Provider) or WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) running a fixed wireless network, you are often providing coverage to the “last 5%”.

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Existing solutions that use Wi-Fi and “60Ghz” equipment can fall short of expectations when there are line of sight issues or congested, unlicensed spectrum.

What We do

LTE networks operate in a dedicated and licenced spectrum and OFCOM has made available up to 400Mhz in the 5G band n77 (300-4200) which is ideal for deploying 5G based fixed wireless solutions.

By connecting radio equipment onto your existing masts and fibre network assets, we can help you quickly deploy 5G based FWA which will deliver multiple hundreds of megabits of speed to customers over an area of a few kilometres.

If you operate in a rural area, why not also deploy 5G FWA alongside a 4G MONeH service, to give your consumers improved cellular connectivity.

You bring the mast, power and backhaul – We will bring the radios and core network!

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