Case Study: Castle View Holiday Park 5G SA Network


Holidaymakers and residents at Castle View Holiday Park expect reliable internet access wherever they go. Whether it’s sharing holiday snaps on social media, streaming their favourite shows, or staying in touch with loved ones, connectivity is crucial. However, the park faced significant connectivity challenges:

  • Area Issues: The park is surrounded by dense woodlands, creating natural obstacles for signal transmission and reception.
  • Sectoral Coverage: The park is divided into different sectors, each requiring comprehensive coverage to ensure all areas are adequately serviced.
  • Cost Prohibitive: Laying fibre optic cables throughout the park was not a feasible option due to the high costs involved and the potential environmental impact on the natural beauty of the area.


To address these challenges, Telet implemented a Private 5G SA (Stand Alone) Mobile Network. This state-of-the-art solution included the following key components:

  • 5G Routers in Each Cabin: Each cabin within the park was equipped with a 5G router, ensuring that every resident had direct access to the high-speed network.
  • Fixed Wireless Access: The 5G network provided fixed wireless access, leveraging mobile data technology to deliver internet speeds between 100-150Mbps, with some residents experiencing speeds up to 800Mbps, especially those closer to the towers.
  • Low-Impact Cells: The network infrastructure was designed to be low-impact and non-intrusive, preserving the park’s natural beauty.
  • User-Friendly Equipment: Each resident received an easy-to-use router with a 5G SIM card, ensuring seamless connectivity to the private 5G SA network without the need for complex installations or cable laying.


The implementation of Telet’s Private 5G SA network at Castle View Holiday Park yielded remarkable results:

  • High-Speed Internet Access: All residents and holidaymakers now enjoy reliable internet access with minimum speeds of 100-150Mbps and some reaching up to 800Mbps.
  • Unlimited Data Allowance: The network provides an unlimited data allowance, catering to the diverse needs of all users.
  • Preservation of Natural Beauty: The low-impact installation preserved the park’s environment, eliminating the need for intrusive cabling and ensuring the area of outstanding natural beauty remained undisturbed.
  • Enhanced Resident Experience: Residents and guests now benefit from seamless connectivity, enhancing their overall holiday experience and satisfaction.

Ready to transform your Holiday Park with Telet’s Private 5G Network?

Telet’s innovative solution not only resolved the connectivity challenges at Castle View Holiday Park but also set a new standard for internet access in holiday parks, demonstrating the potential of Private 5G SA networks in delivering high-speed, reliable internet in challenging environments.