Private 5G Networks

Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning and other smart technologies have become a fundamental part of daily business for many organisations and service providers saving them both time and money.

Despite Wi-Fi being available in many locations, weaknesses such as interference, unreliability, security or range issues still occur – exasperating service uses.

What We do

Our mobile network core operates on both Stand Alone and Non-Stand Alone modes, enabling your business to surpass the limitations of Wi-Fi. By utilising our network, you can experience the advantages of reliability, speed, and low latency that a private 5G network offers. Additionally, one of the often-overlooked benefits of our network is the inherent security provided by a private connection.

Our private 5G network can assist in a wide range of settings including:

Health and Social Care – enabling medical devices that provide critical data that assist health practitioners to perform their jobs.

Agriculture – farming equipment has the potential to offer crucial data that can aid estate and site managers in enhancing productivity and operational efficiency which is only possible with a high speed dedicated service.

Mining - improving poor signal underground and in open mines.

Construction - temporary coverage to support the development of roadways, buildings, etc.

Retail - enhance capacity in retail and high-density areas, ensuring quality service to point of sale (POS) devices, making payment processing a priority.

We can deliver:

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