5G Connecting Places

Telet’s 5G Stand Alone networks for various locations. We deliver high-performance internet and mobile data to every building and device within range.

Our mobile network technology is optimised for both coverage and capacity.

Wi-Fi as a technology can provide basic coverage. it’s fundamentally an indoor technology and not designed for high volumes of users. Each additional user has a significant impact on the performance of the others.

Mobile technologies, both 4G and 5G are designed to accommodate more users within an area. The design of 5G, and in particular the advanced form of 5G known as SA or Stand Alone, means that every user can enjoy a reliable high performance connection.

Telet is the UK’s expert in such deployments. A crucial part of installing a small network is the ability to negotiate spectrum licences. Telet has more local access licence coverage than all other applicants put together. It runs Europe’s largest 5G SA network and is experienced in rural and ultra-rural deployments.

A typical installation consists of a small number of cells, each the size of a couple of shoe boxes, providing a signal across a site. Visitors can either use their own 5G mobile phones or we can equip you with a router that will provide high performance Wi-Fi.

5G Connecting Places
Telet Private 5G

It's not just internet, its a service that is fit for today's demands.​

Our service delivers high-performance broadband that's comparable to fibre, without significant ground disruption. It's scalable and can be customised to meet the requirements of each location.

We have understood and embraced the change in the work/life balance. We know users will vary where and when they may work or demand internet. We know that technology plays a huge part of everyday life, and we appreciate that users need and want reliable fast internet at their finger tips everywhere they go. Expectation now from the public is much higher than ever before. 

Telet can take the headaches away, provide the high quality we know our customers require with the smallest of disruption.

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