5G Fixed Wireless Access

As a rural ISP (Internet Service Provider) or WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) running a fixed wireless network, you are often providing coverage to the “last 5%”.

Existing solutions for Wi-Fi can fall short of expectations when there are line of sight issues, congestion or use unlicensed spectrum.

What We do

Cables only go so far. When it comes to delivering high speed broadband, all ISPs have to balance the costs of deployment against the revenue possibilities and sometimes this means drawing a line. Making a decision about who will get to enjoy your service and who is just out of reach.

Telet’s 5G extension for ISPs helps move that line. By deploying a 5G small cell at the end of a cable run, ISPs can offer their service to those extra customers who have always been tantalisingly just out of reach.

Customers can be treated in exactly the same way as those on fibre. Because you own the network, there is no cost per megabyte and Telet’s 5G technology provides speeds of up to one gigabit.

Telet is the UK’s expert in such deployments. It is the only independent private network that is a full UK member of the GSMA, the mobile networks trade body. A crucial part of installing a small network is the ability to negotiate spectrum licences. Telet has more local access licence coverage than all other applicants put together.

Using small cells means that Telet technology can be deployed in areas of outstanding natural beauty. There is no need for large masts.

The customer premise equipment supports Wi-Fi, fixed connection and optionally PSTN. All of which allows an ISP to integrate the technology with the existing billing platform.

The latest 5G SA infrastructure takes advantage of the recent Ofcom licencing rules. It provides the capacity for large numbers of users without the contention that Wi-Fi experiences and a good degree of future-proofing.

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