Case Studies

As a rural ISP (Internet Service Provider) or WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider) running a fixed wireless network, you are often providing coverage to the “last 5%”.

Our mobile network technology is optimised for both coverage and capacity.

Castle View Holiday Park faced connectivity challenges due to dense woodlands and prohibitive costs of fibre optic installation. Telet’s solution involved implementing a Private 5G SA Mobile Network, installing 5G routers in each cabin for fixed wireless access.
A Welsh valley that “time forgot” in a National Park. A project funded by Monmouthshire council to take a Welsh Valley with no coverage from any of the UK operators from being one of the worst connected places in the UK to one of the best.
We introduce the benefit of 5G into rural farming and highlight the impact we can make reducing soil sampling timelines from weeks to days. Having access to 5G speeds provides live data that is giving margin gains in the savings made from not over distributing fertilisers.
We are proud to be part of an innovative consortium of organisations who have come together to build a private, high bandwidth 5G SA network supporting innovative applications in selected areas of the City.