Telet’s proposal of Private 5G SA networks is available both directly and as a collaborative partner model, which offers an opportunity to enhance and diversify the suite of products provided to your clients.

Why be a Partner.

Have you considered incorporating Private 5G SA into your existing client offerings to potentially increase revenue and increase your audience?

Telet, the UK's leading independent private network and a full member of the GSMA (the mobile networks trade body), is the go-to expert for 5G SA deployment. With the advanced design of 5G, every user can enjoy high performance and reliable connection. Negotiating spectrum licenses is key to establishing a small network, and Telet boasts more local access license coverage than any other applicant. Our experience in rural and ultra-rural deployments is matched only by our ability to highlight the fact we have Europe's Largest 5G SA network.

The question to ask yourself is what type of partner do you wish to be?

Do you have customers in these sectors?

Partner Model Options

At Telet, we acknowledge a clients' inclination towards having choices and often opting to purchase from local or known sources. Partnering with us offers the opportunity to expand your product portfolio with cutting edge and future-proof solutions for your clients, while simultaneously increasing your company's revenue streams. Take a look at the options below. You do not need to select only one model. We believe in flexibility, and so some clients you may wish to take on wholesale, while others you wish to work with us as a managed service.


The Wholesale model involves a partner-driven setup, wherein the partner seeks assistance with site design and requirements. However, the build and installation responsibilities remain with the partner. Telet provides the kit, core network, and top-level support directly to the partner. The client is contracted directly to the partner.

In cases where required, Telet can deliver and install, while the partner contracts the client. We're open to arranging this on a per-site basis.

Managed Service

The managed service model involves Telet serving as the primary billing entity for the end client, providing a pre-arranged monthly management fee for the solution we design, build and deliver. The client will be contracted to Telet, while the partner is responsible for day-to-day servicing, with Telet offering second line support as needed.

We recognise the need for flexibility in this approach, as the client may already be using the partner for connectivity. As such, we can tailor the packages to suit the specific requirements of each site.

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